3 D'd to Grow you Earnings with Insurance

It is no surprise to Americans, the dollar loses its value and the increase of production and the economy rises. The question is how do we stay ahead of the curve? Here are 3 tips to invest and grow today earnings to beat inflation so the future of your family and your retirement has a better chance of prosperity.

1. Discipline to save 5 - 10% of your earnings. Start where you can, If 5% is not possible, then pick a number you will be comfortable to practice the savings for a period of time. Set forth a plan of xx amount of months at each increment of time until you reach the goal of 10% savings. Make it fun and reward yourself along your journey. Not so much with monetary (remember your working at saving & build of monetary), but a reward that builds confidence, you can do this!

2. Diversify your savings. You want your savings to begin to create your wealth for the future AND bring you a Return on Investment. Another great value my Father shared with me; Invest where your earnings will bring you a greater amount for your Return On Investment. Insurance is designed to offer ROI and Cash Value for the future.

3. Develop a strategy. Insurance offers a value of "Probability" for an affordable premium. This means, knowing we will need healthcare and Life insurance with Living Benefits in the future, for ourselves and our loved ones. The Premiums transfer the greater burden of debt of medical responsibility to the insurance company. This strategy affords members to have peace of mind and protection in case of a medical and/or life event.

If you are implementing this in your life for the future then you're off to a great start.

If you are only doing 1 of these points and need some direction on how to strengthen your earnings and create peace of mind for the future, please reach out for a no-cost consultation. I look forward to showing you how to protect your most valued asset; Yours and Your Family's Health and Life. 

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